Charlie's Jungle HouseThere are many people I would like to thank for having influenced my life in such a way that led to me living this “myth” in Paradise. As life would have it, they are far too numerous to mention. Everyday someone shows up on the stage and teaches me something new and exciting about my life and my own approach to it.

It’s refreshing because it maintains that sense of wonder within me, that kind of childlike disposition that each one of us are entitled to enjoy. We must never allow “civilized life” to rob us of this God granted privilege.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to create a setting where I can share that child in me with all our guests, and in turn bring out that child in them. I hope you will always remember your visit to Jungle House, and the special memories we create at the Soul Clinic.

First and foremost I thank my mother Virginia, who at 75 showed great strength and courage by packing up all her memories from California and moving to Jungle House. Her examples of adapting to ever changing life situations, and her fearlessness to do so, has always been impressive to me. Since her passing not a day goes by without recollecting her image and happy memories we spent together at Jungle House.

Jungle House would not be what it were without the family members behind the scenes that make it all work. You will meet them all upon arrival, Raymond, Alejandro, and Kola in our maintenance department. As well, my attorney Gustavo Alvarez who has been there from the beginning keeping me sane. You’ll leave our home and take with you wonderful friendships formed with these few noble beings.

I dedicate this recently redesigned web site to my cousin Nancy, who through her dedicated efforts has given new life to Jungle House’s electronic presence.

I dedicate Jungle House to my 3 best friends Alejandro, Andy and Olger, whose presence on my life’s stage, fulfilled all of my dreams. Their best talent, as is for most children, is reminding us how we ALL used to be.

Charles Berghammer